The Eintracht ends the dictatorship in Germany
of Bayern in a dramatic final

Heynckes could not close the circle with a happy ending. His replacement on the bench of Bayern rebelled in his last service with Eintracht and allowed his team to lift the fourth German Cup in the history of Frankfurt. Since 2010 they did not win an official match to the Bundesliga champion . Eight years later, a small Croatian forward put his name and surname in the history of German football. Before Rebic, with a double, he gave his first Pokal DFB to the eighth qualifier in Germany since 1988. In addition to the title, the victory for Eintracht had a double prize. The next campaign Frankfurt will receive the little sister of the Champions League on Thursdays . It will be in the Europa League where Boateng and company will play on their own merits. Sad end for Heynckes, but cheerful for Meier. After 14 seasons, the German midfielder said goodbye by lifting a historic title.

"It's not a comeback, it's a friend's service," Heynckes explained when he took over Bayern's reins in October. Eight months later, a semifinals of Champions and a Bundesliga through, the coach stood in the final of the DFB Pokal before his heir on the bench of the Bavarian giant . To go to his last fight, he had the praetorian guard that created an overwhelming season. Thomas Müller, afflicted throughout the week with a stomach virus, was part of a team where Neuer returned to the bench.Get the best odds with premium apuestas 365 predictions.

In April both teams were already facing each other. On that occasion Bayern overwhelmed Eintracht just before visiting the Bernabéu in a Bavarian monologue. However, Kovac learned the lesson . A month later he proposed a totally different game that allowed his team to minimize the 'favorite', neutralize the positional game of his rival and short circuit the ideas of a Heynckes who attended from the band to the first blow of the Frankfurt box. Dembélé and Aubameyang allowed Dortmund to lift the last Cup against Kovac's Eintracht ... and Rebic. The Croatian winger scored on that date and a year later he repeated in the German capital . The Frankfurt team pressed the pressure line, forced the error in the own field of a James who made a mistake in the ball out from behind and left the free-kick so that Boateng put the ball in depth to his teammate in attack that did not fail before Ulreich. First approach and first hook directly to the jaw of Bayern.

Since then the monologue of Bayern ran into a defensive network that reminded the Bundesliga champion why it is the least-conceded team in the Cup. Constant help, coverage and a huge job led by a Mascarell that multiplied to put out the fires that Kimmich and company caught . It was the German's own side that had the clearest to tie after connecting a header after a lateral sending of Müller that was lost by baseline. Papers changed in the attack of Heynckes. Lewandowski, denied in the first half, intimidated a set piece and a badly managed counterattack in the final meters. With the passage of minutes, the lines together of Eintracht prevented Bayern play with fluidity in rival field and devastate, as usual in them, their rivals.